About Us

It’s 2 seconds to go in Game 7 of the NBA finals, it’s
a winning touchdown at the Super Bowl. It’s a goal after the siren at MCG on Grand Final day. It's getting another round of beers with your mates, and it's adding bacon to your cheeseburger, it's good times, always. 

But when you're here it becomes more than this, it's the experience and your energy that makes Varsity what it is. If it's date night or a late night, maybe it's happy hour with the work crew or the hangover cure after what happened last night. If it's Friday arvo or Monday night, with you here it's a home run. 

And even if you can't be here, now you can get a piece of that "Varsity feeling" wherever you are just by wearing a tee, or a hat, or both. 

So get keen, and come get some!